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Best Business Career

There are many different types of business careers out there that offer excellent benefits and opportunities. Find out what they are here!

The best business careers can be found in different industries, including finance, human resources, and sales.

This article will cover what a business career involves, the job outlook, educational requirements, average salaries, and the value of business skills for a successful and rewarding business career.

What is a Business Career?

A business career is a professional path that involves working in a company to help it achieve its goals. This can include various responsibilities, including marketing companies, in making beneficial and profitable decisions.

Companies are always looking for qualified people to help them achieve their objectives, so there is a high demand for business professionals.

The skills required for a business career vary according to the role, but they typically include strong communication, problem-solving, and analytic skills.

What Business Career makes the most money?

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According to USNews and World Report, the best business careers are in finance and healthcare. In addition, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an increase for business professionals of 7% over the next decade.

Business professionals typically work full-time hours, and the wage estimations range from $60,000 to $170,000 per year, depending on education or years of experience in the field.

How to Start a Business Career?

To begin working in the business field, you must have some education, typically a bachelor's degree in a business-related field or years of experience. There are numerous options available, ranging from bachelors to doctorate degrees and continuing education classes.

Besides that, it is essential to work on your networking skills to benefit from them, such as finding a business coach to boost your business career.

Best Business Job Careers: Overview

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The best business career jobs are in the healthcare and financial industries, such as medical and health services manager, financial manager, and statistician.

See below the 10 best business careers and median annual salaries.

The 10 Best Business Careers:

What are the High Paying Business Careers?

The best-paying business jobs are often found in management positions.

In fact, according to BLS data, information systems managers received a median annual wage of just over $159,010 in 2021. This places it among the highest-paid business careers, along with financial managers with a median salary of $131,70 per year and health services managers with $101,340 per year.

Are Business Careers in Demand?

Yes, business careers are in demand. The BLS projects that jobs in business and financial occupations are expected to increase by 7% over the next decade. This is slightly higher than the overall employment projection of 4%.

Many jobs require college degrees, but many entry-level positions do not require a degree.

Is a Business Degree Worth It?

Yes, a business degree can lead you to a rewarding and comfortable lifestyle. According to National Center for Education Statistics, business and health professional degrees are the most popular educational options.

In addition, many employers hire candidates with bachelor's degrees in the business, suggesting that further education is required to land a position in the industry.

What is the Importance of Business Skills?

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Business skills are essential for staying ahead of the competition and advancing your career in the business field.

Business skills are also required for effectively managing financial resources and growing a successful business strategy.

See below some types of valuable business skills.

Top 11 Essential Business Skills:

  • Time management
  • Self-direction
  • Communication
  • Organizational skills
  • Leadership
  • Public speaking
  • Delegation
  • Networking
  • Teachability
  • Financial literacy
  • Analytical skills

Business careers with high pay

A business professional can expect a rewarding median annual salary. People with a degree in business or a degree in accounting have many career options, such as marketing manager, sales manager, or in financial planning.

See below the top 5 best business careers with the highest pay.

Top 5 best business careers with high pay:

Do I need a business degree to start a business?

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Business degrees prepare students for careers in many fields, including management, finance, and human resources.

Graduates also may be able to find employment in related fields like law, consulting, public relations, and journalism.

A degree in business is also essential because it can help you develop the skills you need to succeed in various business-related careers.

For example, the coursework in a business degree program can teach you about accounting, finance, marketing, and operations, as well as how to manage and lead a team.

This knowledge can be priceless in helping you start and run your own business or any other business-related role.

A business degree can also help you build a strong network of business professionals, which can benefit your career.

Business Career fields with a business degree

  • Management
  • Finance
  • Sales and marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Information technology

How to choose a business career?

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The best business career for you will depend on your skills, interests, and goals. However, some tips on choosing a business career include considering your strengths and weaknesses, researching different career options, and talking to professionals in various business careers.

Some critical factors all should consider before choosing a career in business are listed below.

8 Factors before choosing a Business Career

  • Interests
  • Annual salaries
  • Job security
  • Flexibility
  • Market trends
  • Future growth potential
  • Location
  • Cost of living
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There are many popular business careers in finance, including accounting and auditing, financial analysis, and advisors. These careers are all highly valued because they provide essential financial services to businesses and people.

The average wage estimations, projected jobs, responsibilities, and top skills needed to master each finance business career, are listed below.

Accounting and Auditors

  • Wage estimations: $77,250 per year
  • Projected jobs: 1,449,800
  • Duties: Keep track of a company's financial transactions and ensure its financial records are accurate. Accounting and auditors also ensure that a company complies with economic laws and regulations.
  • Top Skills: Accounting and management skills.

Financial Analysts

  • Wage estimations: $95,570 per year
  • Projected jobs: 373,800
  • Duties: Forecasting financial performance, issuing investment recommendations, and providing guidance on business strategy. Financial analysts must also be able to understand complex financial data and communicate it in a way that is easy for non-experts to understand.
  • Top Skills: Problem-solving and analytic skills.

Finance Advisors

  • Wage estimations: $94,170 per year
  • Projected jobs: 330,300
  • Duties: Provide clients with financial planning and investment advice, help them save for retirement, manage their expenses, and invest their money. Finance advisors also work with businesses to help them manage their finances and plan for growth.
  • Top Skills: Financial Planning, interpersonal skills.

Business managers can pursue a variety of career paths. The most popular business careers for business managers are in marketing, human resources, and finance. Each career offers a unique set of challenges and opportunities for business managers.

See below for wage estimates for business managers, their responsibilities, projected jobs, and top skills to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Business Administrator

  • Wage estimations: $99,290 per year
  • Projected jobs: 348,100
  • Duties: Ensure a company runs effectively by overseeing office functions, managing employee schedules, and maintaining company databases and records.
  • Top Skills: Critical thinking and organizational skills.

Project Manager

  • Wage estimations: $94,500 per year
  • Projected jobs: 781,400
  • Duties: Develop, implement, and monitor project plans; identify and manage risks; and track project progress and performance.
  • Top Skills: Analytical and problem-solving skills.

Construction Manager

  • Wage estimations: $98,890 per year
  • Projected jobs: 478,500
  • Duties: Responsibility for planning, coordinating, and overseeing construction projects. Construction managers also manage budgets and contracts and ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.
  • Top Skills: Problem-solving skills and attention to detail.

Sales and marketing careers are popular because they allow people to use their skills and creativity to help businesses grow. For example, in sales, you can use persuasion skills to persuade customers to purchase goods or services, and you can use your imagination to develop ideas for advertisements and promotions in marketing.

Both careers can be exciting and challenging, potentially impacting a company's bottom line. See below wage estimates for business managers, their responsibilities, projected jobs, and top skills for success.

Stock Trader

  • Wage estimations: $62,910 per year
  • Projected jobs: 466,900
  • Duties: Buy and sell stocks on behalf of their clients or their accounts, understand the market, buy and sell decisions, and manage risk.
  • Top Skills: Risk management skills and market knowledge.

Sales Manager

  • Wage estimations: $127,490 per year
  • Projected jobs: 469,800
  • Duties: Oversee and manage the sales team, develop and implement sales plans and strategies, and maintain customer relationships.
  • Top Skills: Leadership and management skills

Marketing Consultant

  • Wage estimations: $133,380 per year
  • Projected jobs: 347,000
  • Duties: Implement marketing plans, create and execute marketing campaigns, conduct market research, and provide guidance and advice on marketing-related issues.
  • Top Skills: Communication and analytical skills.


The business world is huge, and there are many career growth opportunities in various industries, including finance, healthcare, and sales.

Business degrees and skills are valuable assets in the business world and can lead to high-paying jobs with great benefits. In addition, business careers can be gratifying, both financially and professionally.

Best Business Career FAQ

Is business a stressful career?

Yes, business careers can be pretty demanding and stressful, particularly those in high-pressure industries such as finance or law. However, It depends on the specific job and works environment.

Is business a hard career?

Yes, the business world is competitive and ever-changing, making it challenging to stay ahead of the competition. Besides that, businesses are frequently forced to make difficult decisions affecting employees and customers. For these reasons, working in industry can be a challenging career.

Which career is best for business?

Some of the best careers for business include budget analysts, data analysts, and marketing managers. These careers typically require strong math and analytical skills and experience in business or marketing. They also usually require a college degree.

What is the best business career?

The best business career depends on your preferences, interests, and skills. For example, if you enjoy working with numbers and have strong financial skills, a career in finance could be a good fit.

On the other hand, a career in human resources may be a better fit if you enjoy working with people and building relationships. Consider what you are looking for in a business career and conduct some research to find the best fit for you.

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